Wall Mounted HEPA VT502

 Filter PM2.5 efficiently, breathe healthy air

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Food Waste Disposer

Necessary for the kitchen, smash all kitchen garbage

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VTRONIC is the professional R&D,manufacturer and system sulotion provider, who focus on fresh air, air purifier, ventilation products. The main products Independent R&D for products of fresh air products, air purifier, inline duct fan, HRV, ERV and HEPA fan, selling to Euro, USA, and Australia, Asia etc.Persist in Innovation, Achieving National Qaulity.
Among them, the food waste disposer is a household kitchen appliance, which is used to grind food waste after meals, so that you can reduce your waste troubles.

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Food Waste Disposer VT720

1. Stainless Steel Grinding Components
2. 750W Powerful AC Motor, Less Jams
3. Auto Reverse When Almost Stuck
4. Wiress Switch—10mins Delay Turn Off
5. 6-stage Grind, More Easy Grinding, Smaller Particles
6. Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection
7. Pressurized Drain Reduces Jams
8. Silence Design
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User Evaluation

Joseph conway

Unit is set to exhaust for 65 secondsand intake for 65 seconds, working well so far and air seems fresher! Will report on any radon lowering effects after a few more days of use. It’s been running for a week cycling air in/out cycle Radon levels went from 2.3 to 1.4 in a 1500 sq/ft basement, very pleased!

Ms. Zhao Foreign trade company manager

I run it continously at low setting. Ther are 6 concrete block size vents in the crawl space. The vacuum creats enough “suction” to hold toilet paper against the vent when placed on the outside of the vent.

Teacher Li Director of Training Organization

This moves air nicely through crawl space, and has kept it much less damp! The floor of my crawl space it bare granite, with a few cracks where water percolates slowly into the crawl space.

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