How to choose fresh air equipment

Many consumers always like to watch this advertisement when they are buying a fresh air system, instead of understanding how the air purification system works, and don’t know what functions these air purification systems have.

What are the advantages of Vtronic wall-mounted new fan?

wall-mounted fan is simple to install, more suitable for renovated houses.According to Xiaobian, the wall-mounted fresh air does not need to be hung on the ceiling of the room (or installed in the underground air supply), because there is no need to transport the air

The office must install a fresh air system

Recently, the weather in Shenzhen has suddenly become cold, causing many people to sleep at night without paying attention. Suddenly, they have caught a cold, and now the air quality problem is easily spread to others.

Why is the market demand for new wall fans so large recently?

Maybe some friends of the net association have asked why wechuangli did not appear in the last two or three days, because the market demand for new wall fans has suddenly increased

Vtronic Wall mounted exhibition Dubai

After Beijing’s exhibition, Vtronic greenhouse fan in Dubai’s exhibition today. Dubai is the central part of the Middle East and the Middle East Economic and Trade Center.

How to deal with “formaldehyde room”?

Formaldehyde is the “roommate” of each of us. Formaldehyde is a colorless, irritating gas that is carcinogenic and teratogenic. Since formaldehyde is a raw material for the manufacture of synthetic resins,