Wall Mounted HRV VT501

======= Product Features ======= 1.High efficiency three-layer filtration system, triple purification. 2.Dual purification mode, unimpeded intake fresh air. 3.Supplementing indoor fresh air, 24 hours uninterrupted supply. 4.Humidity mode--- the fan is controlled by humidity sensor automatically. 5.Three operating modes, intake fresh air, exhaust indoor pollution and 65s intake and exhaust air circulation. ======= Product Details =======

Wall Mounted HEPA VT502

======= Product Features ======= 1.Dual filtered air mode, indoor be filled with fresh air for 24 hours. 2.Square fan body, beautiful hang installation,suitable for various kinds of decorating styles. 3.Purify indoor air, continuous filter PM2.5,formaldehyde etc. 4.New design for 360° angle intaking air. 5.Infrared sensor control, easy operation. 6.Humidity mode--- the fan is controlled by humidity sensor automatically. ======= Product Details =======

Wall Mounted HRV VT200S

======= Product Features ======= 1. Smart air quality management system 2. Four layers filters—HEPA+carbon filter+ G3 filter+ UV light 3. Smart monitoring of air quality 4. Remote smart control, real-time display of air quality in home through 5. Total heat exchanger ventilator, over 80% exchange rate, more efficiency and energy saving. ======= Product Details =======